Cowboys and Cowgirls

Cowboys and Cowgirls on the fence

I’ve personally used the term Cowboy or Cowgirl to describe a person who is monogamous that attempts to get romantically involved with someone who openly identifies as polyamorus.

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Daily Poly Mantra

Polyamorous mantra

  1. I deserve love.
  2. My body is sexy just the way it is.
  3. I ask for whatever I want and say no to whatever I don’t.
  4. I turn difficulties into opportunities for growth.
  5. Each new connection expands me.
  6. I contain all I need for a life of delight.
  7. Sex is a beautiful expression of my loving nature.
  8. I am on my personal path to ecstasy.

Above all, remember it’s about Love, Honesty and Communication.

Back to work again…

Back to work post it note

Life has been somewhat busy for the last few months, I’ve completed a large complex two year project for my last client and moved on to a new client this week.

I’ve been staying with my girlfriends family during the week for the last three months and they’ve been wonderful and accepting, but I have missed my own space. That’s why I’m really happy about just moving into a new flat, which has been a bit of an additional challenge while changing jobs.

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People change and how we see them

What can you do when someone you love decides they aren’t poly?

This is a situation that I’ve read about many times on various blogs and forums. It seems to occur on a regular basis when an existing couple decide to try opening up their existing relationship and it just doesn’t work out for one of the parties.

The impact of this change of mind can be truly profound for all parties involved and the subsequent emotional eruptions that it causes can shake the very foundations of their worlds.

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Insecurity Kills Relationships

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful

I read the following blog post a while back and filed it under something to reblog in the future.

It makes some good points about the potential impact of personal insecurity and the damage it can cause to a precious relationship.

Add a liberal sprinkling of depression to the mix and you have a perfect toxic cocktail for disaster.

Definitely food for thought and make some soul searching self analysis.

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The male unicorn

The male unicorn

As I’m sure you are aware, there is a concept within modern sexual culture about unicorns.

This term is generally used to describe an attractive, bisexual, single woman (who isn’t too crazy and likely to become a bunny boiler), and who would be delighted to join a couple for a threesome with no strings attached.

That combination, while not being impossible is extremely difficult to find. Hence the term unicorn is applied because they are basically a rare and mythical creature.

You may have noticed lately that there appears to be another class of individuals that women are lamenting doesn’t really exist and has been similarly labelled.

The title of “unicorns” can now also be applied to men that are between the ages of 35 and 60. They need to be attractive, smart, professional, successful, confident, heterosexual and ideally still sexually potent, they should also be looking for a long term, committed and monogamous relationship.

These illusive creatures are the “happily ever-after guys”.

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Compersion for my wife


I love my wife and girlfriend

Last night my wife had a second date and by the sounds of it, it went really well.

She had a good time and it seems like lots of talking went on most of the evening.

I find myself walking a fine line between trying to maintain a suitable level of distance, wanting to be supportive and needing to make sure that’s she’s okay.

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