One of those days

Job hunting time an polyamory

Well so far today I’ve managed to apply for just under fifty new roles. I tend to find that carpet bombing agencies with my curriculum vitae tends to get the ball rolling fairly quickly.

Aside from that I’m just feeling a bit restless, I hate the uncertainty when I’m shifting between clients and the potentially knock on effect it has on those around me that I care about.

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Enough love

As a person I hope to be loved as much as I love others, because for me the world can be filled with enough love and happiness for all of us to share if we are good to each other.

However for some inapplicable reason, we can’t easily know what true love and happiness are unless we can first embrace ourselves and accept who we are.

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Exploring Polyamory

Many hearts and loves the polyamorus way

The decision to potentially explore Polyamory as a couple, is a very daunting one when it happens. 

However, much of the current research suggests and tends to agree that a couple has a very good chance of being able to make the adjust to nonexclusivity if at least some of the following basic pre-conditions exist:

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Time apart

Dragonfly and kitten

One of the toughest issues to deal with from my perspective is having time away from both of my partners.

First let me try and put this into perspective based upon how my personal situation and setup works.

I currently split my time between working down upon the south coast of England near my girlfriend and weekends up with wife and kids in the Midlands.

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Social Conditioning

The dangers of so

We are all products of our environment and in some way it shapes the way we look at the word.

So based upon this assumption it is probably safe to say that the first thought which comes into our heads in any given situation is highly likely to be what we have been conditioned to accept as the socially acceptable norm.

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Space to breathe

Space to breathe

Believe it or not but sometimes we all require a bit of alone time every now and then.

I’m inclined to consider this even more critical if you are within a number of  active polyamorus relationships.

It’s often quite hard to explain this to partners without inadvertently generating feelings of rejection or hurt.

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