Facebook and Poly

Poly 1Facebook supports over 50+ gender types these days and in my view that’s a good thing.

A person’s biological sex is determined at conception, but their gender is a matter of personal choice.

However, Facebook does does not seem to support a suitable selection of relationship types, especially when its with more than one person.

Personally the option ‘Its complicated’ doesn’t really do it for me and isn’t very positive.

Perhaps its time for a change?

How I Feel

Its not often that you find something amazing that brings you so much joy, but I have.

I find myself in an extremely unusual position. I am lucky enough to have not one, but two extremely special people in my life; along with six kids.

Current society, social standards and ten thousand years of economic and religious doctrine say its not the norm. We however as a crazy and beautiful family unit have jointly decided to question that whole ethos and say perhaps there’s another way.

I’d be lying if I said it was easy, because its not, I’d be lying to say it doesn’t hurt, because it does, I’d be lying if I said we haven’t made mistakes, because we have.

Given all these issues it is simple to ask why we have chosen this path and the answer is also simple. Its worth it and we as humans have an amazing pertinacity to and for love.

The questions of jealousy and equality are probably the toughest area from my perspective. How to deal with the first and achieve the second. I have no painless solutions or silver bullets for either of these issues at this time but I’m working on it.

I started to think about titles that describe each persons role and I suspect that they may in some ways be part of the issue. Each of the other people however share the following aspects.

They are my closest friends and people I care about, they are my support when things get tough, they are the people that care for each other and about me. In short, they are the people I love and my lovers.

I left both of them early this morning in bed together. Am I jealous? No, in fact quite the opposite, I take great pleasure from the very act of them showing and sharing love for each other and take greater solace in the thought that they both love me.