Poly hater’s

I woke up this morning to a new message from a site I’d joined a while back, so I was really excited to see what it said.

I quickly discovered that I had came across my first real poly hater this morning.


Here is a little extract from that message

“I don’t see why people like you are on a site like this and have a status of married and poly, why don’t you just delete your profile and stop sneaking around behind your wife’s back… “

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Three in a bed

Since the slow and painful breakup of my year long poly triad I’ve been thinking about all the bits I miss the most. 

Top of the list are the three-way snuggles. The art of sleeping with two other people in the bed took quite a bit of practise, the pain and hardship of being sandwiched between the two most important people in my life at the time (excluding the children).

three feet

I generally got to be in the middle, perhaps because I was the token male or maybe it just seemed to make sense at the time. Escaping from the centre re in the middle of the night to find the loo, was truly a challenge at times.

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Seven Day Ghost


I made the concious effort about a week ago to no longer look at an ex-poly partners blog or other public facing mediums, including removing them from my reader feeds.

I won’t go into the details out of respect for them, but it wasn’t a great split and has caused a lot of hurt for many parties, it is enough to say that like any break up there are differing views.

The relief of not worrying about how and what they are doing has really been a major part of the healing process.

I truly wish them all the happiness in the future and really do hope that they find what they’re looking for.

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I Dream of Poly


“It was the first time I’d encountered Tony in a dream since his death that wasn’t laced with fear, angst, anger, or disappointment.”

My attention was drawn to this blog post for a number of reasons

  1. Interesting bit of rope work
  2. A good story about healing
  3. Compersion and forgiveness

Seeking forgiveness and acceptance from a person that means so much to you is important, gaining that from someone that you miss and can’t really see is even better.

Have a read, like the post and think about who you’d like to met in a dream in this way.

Source: I Dream of Poly

Rarer than the unicorn

fear-of-flyingI was driving home this evening listening to the radio as the miles crawled by. I’d just left the services on the final leg and a radio adaptation of a book called “Fear of flying” started.

I have since found out a bit more about it and discovered that it was responsible for coining term phrase “Zipless fuck”,  which is defined in the following way.

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