Poly Dating

Polyamory is hard

Finding a date when you’re male, the wrong side of 40 and openly poly can be hard.

I’ve found there seems to be a view that perhaps you’re a bit of a player and not really interested in serious relationships.

But I guess that’s the price of being honest and open about who you are and telling people what you want, need and desire.

I guess I’ve just been lucky in the past, but my current draught like any will eventually break if I’m true to myself and my values.

I’m intrigued to know if I’m alone in my recent discovery or just being a bit unlucky, so leave a comment about your own experience if you like.

One thought on “Poly Dating

  1. I think it’s especially hard for poly men. Someone told me once that for poly men, finding the right woman is finding a needle in a haystack, where as for women it’s finding the right needle in a haystack pile of needles.

    I tend to be contacted by men who assume I’m easy and don’t want something meaningful too. I went through a period where I seemed to teach man after man that poly wasn’t for him. Finding the right fit in an already small dating pool is challenging. But it is worth it.


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