Talk, don’t judge

Human behaviour - talk don't judge

When we are in the middle of a heated debate, it’s tough to stay objective, especially when it’s about behaviour and starts to feel like a personal attack.

We all have to accept that unfortunately people are not perfect and that includes us, our partner(s) or partner’s partner(s). We are all by our human definition creatures ruled and driven by our emotions.

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Negative feelings

Owning one's own shit

In my initial post on the subject of “owning one’s own shit” I briefly touched on the need to take personal ownership for the current state of our emotions.

For us to take on this responsibility, we need to first accept that it’s okay to feel what we feel and this is where negative feelings come into the equation.

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Blind fury


The comment in the image made me really think a while back and I came to the following conclusions.

Just because you think, feel, say or write something doesn’t make it the truth.

I can forgive someone for being so blind and torn up with hatred, but that’s also why I would probably chose to let them go if the situation didn’t improve with time.

Communication has to be a two-way street, when one party closes down completely you know your really in trouble. You have to listen sometimes and want to hear even if it hurts.

Some things are worth fighting for, but a lost cause is not a realistic battle to take on, unless there is a real chance of changing the tide.

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