BDS and no, I did not forget the M

Elephant penis

I read the following blog post a while back and mad a mental note to repost it at a suitable time I’m the future.

Does size really matter?

“BDS or Big Dick Syndrome. Have you met anyone that suffers from it? It seems age related to me, mostly young men suffer from it. Likely age will cure it. Hopefully age will cure it Ha!”

Source: BDS and no, I did not forget the M

I don’t mind…

Sorry love, I don't really care

I was having a late night catch up call with one of my partners after a couple of really busy days and the conversation was flowing really well until I asked for some input into a decision or at least some indication of direction. I was greeted with a simple answer of “I don’t really mind”. This pretty much cut the conversation dead and really annoyed me for some reason, so I went to sleep wondering why.

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