Almost 2,000 views this month

Let today be the start of something new

Morning folks,

The month of May is coming to a close and I’m chase a magic 2,000 views this month.

Update: What an amazing response, totally smashed the 2,000 views for May

Poly pride stats for

You can help by take a look through my archive of blog posts and maybe leaving a comment

I’ve also had an idea, if you write about anything which could be considered alernative culture or poetry feel free to leave a comment on this post about your blog.

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Watching Others Having Sex?

Laptop sex and watching other people have sex

Here’s an interesting question worth a few words, do you like watching other people having sex?

Personally I’d put myself firmly in the “YES” camp, but I guess that is also dependent on what form it takes.

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Amazing Poly Family

Polyamory and a family

Yesterday was a very good day for me, we had another poly family day out and it was so much fun.

We all spent the day together messing around at a theme park, just having a good time and enjoying each others company.

The kids had a good time too, my youngest seemed to be attached to my girlfriend for most of the day. I’m just so happy how accepting they are.

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Poly what?

Polyamory hearts

Polyamory may have made it into the mainstream media but there are still people that haven’t heard about it.

I always take pleasure in education g people on the subject and hope that all those who embrace polyamorous as a relationship decision help with those that know little of nothing about it.

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Family day out

Made up finger puppets

Today has been a really family day, we all had breakfast together including the kids and planned an afternoon / evening out as family.

So we all climbed into the car and headed out for a bit of quick retail therapy, followed by a meal and then into the IMAX cinema for a film with drinks and pop corn.

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Polyamory and Kink.


It’s taken me personally a while to discover and accept that polyamory and kink are inexplicably linked within my world.

I’ve always found it nearly impossible to properly scene with someone without some form of emotional connect. I just can’t do it without that level of connection, the whole idea of playing just for the sake of it does very little for me, a bit like preparing meal that no one has plans to eat.

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