The Danger Of Using STI Risk To Control Others

One of the most critical parts of polyamory is being completely open, honest and truthful about sexual history and activity. A polycule is only as stong as the weakest link, it just takes one person doing something irresponsible to bring the whole world crashing down.

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Whispering in an ear

secretary style red pencil dress

“She’s awesome. I’ve told her everything. You’re in good hands, I promise. Again, I’m so, so sorry.”

I had the pleasure of reading the following story on a rather slow and boring Friday, it did the trick and lifted my soul.

It automatically conjured up visions of those amazing 1950’s pencil dresses and hobble skirts, just like the image I’ve added to this post.

There is something wonderfully feminine about them that I find highly alluring.

“The dress hugged her curves so tightly he wondered if she’d be able to sit down in it.”


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My need: His will

“Today has been a frustrating day for my sub wishes. Master…playing with me last night but not taking full advantage of me; I came, but it wasn’t a huge release, just a very small one as…”

I came across this post while just following my reader feed and then looking at related posts from those that had liked it.

I’ve found this to be a great source of new material to read and enjoy.

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How old statues measure up


I reblogged a post a while back on “Measuring Up”  which mainly concluded that science was literally a dick measuring contest and it sort of got me thinking.

I then came across a further article about the generally small penis size found on most classical nude statues from the classical Greek and Roman periods.

So why do most of the old statues exhibit relatively small penises?

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Measuring Up

ruler on thigh - measuring up to size

At some point in time everyone starts looking at themselves and think about how they compare with other people, especially from a sexually perspective.

Fixation with size is often an issue for both parties.

  1. Is my penis too small
  2. Is my vigina to big
  3. Is my performance good enough
  4. Are my breast to small

Much if this is driven by the media and porn, both of which often provide unrealistic measures and expectations.

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