Things Change


Hi folks, it’s been a while since I last posted anything and that’s mainly been down to the natural pressures of a busy life.

I’ve survived the last couple of months of crazy, busyness at work.

One of my partners tried a new possible relationship that crashed and burned even before it’s really start, which has caused her no end of emotional pain. My other partner has also had problems in one of her relations, all based on the fact he’d been honest with her about many things.

So I’ve been in multi-partner poly support mood on both fronts.

Supporting a partner when it’s going wrong is part of the poly partner job description. It’s extremely weird the first time you need to comfort and support someone you love when their other relationship has problems.

Resist any temptation to say “I told you so.” is quite often difficult and never likely to be helpful and productive in this situation. However, you may hear statements like “You were right.” or “Guess I should have seen this coming,” mentioned by a partner if you’re lucky.

I accept these liitle confirmations gracefully and in silence, it’s not the time or place to gloat.

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