Polyamory vs. Swinging

Polyamory vs Swinging

There is often some common confusion between the swinging lifestyle and polyamory, some people can even go as far as thinking the terms are synonymous and interchangeable.

Personally I see major differences and mixing them is really not a great idea in my view.

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Who needs agency?

Free to live and love

Been an interest couple of months for me and all because my partners are spreading their poly wings. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a key part of why we all chose to identify as polyamorus.

However deciding to test the dating water requires a little more thought than usual if you’re poly, especially if you already have existing relationships.

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Life Accounting

Life accounting

I’ve been very quiet for the last few months due to really life becoming extremely busy and more complicated than usual.

The shape of my personal polycule has changed a bit too in the last few weeks. My wife has discovered that one of her partners was not being completely honest with her and they are in the process of being been removed from te herd; meanwhile my girlfriend has started a new relationship and is currently enjoying the initial NRE period, while learn to wrestle with time and multiple partner management.

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