Things Change


Hi folks, it’s been a while since I last posted anything and that’s mainly been down to the natural pressures of a busy life.

I’ve survived the last couple of months of crazy, busyness at work.

One of my partners tried a new possible relationship that crashed and burned even before it’s really start, which has caused her no end of emotional pain. My other partner has also had problems in one of her relations, all based on the fact he’d been honest with her about many things.

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The Danger Of Using STI Risk To Control Others

One of the most critical parts of polyamory is being completely open, honest and truthful about sexual history and activity. A polycule is only as stong as the weakest link, it just takes one person doing something irresponsible to bring the whole world crashing down.

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Polyamory and seasonal holidays

Seasonal holidays - Bah humbug

I really haven’t been in the right mood to write anything really meaningful over the last few months. Life has been a bit difficult to be honest, especially due to the changes going on within one of my relationships.

I won’t go into too much detail but things are really starting to improve after some tough conversations. It’s amazing how polyamory can cause you to really take a long hard look at facets of your life and relationships that you’ve either overlooked or neglected.

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The truth will set you free

The truth will

This week has been a bit tough, but I finally got something off my chest and it went pretty well, I finally told my mother that I’m poly.

I’m not really sure how I expected it to play out, but it felt good to finally come clean and explain how I feel and why.

As the saying goes “The truth will set you free”.

I only wish that I’d had the courage to do it before, but there never seemed like a good time, perhaps there never is if it’s not done right at the beginning.

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A to Z of polyamory

A to Z of polyamory

I thought it might be fun to put together by own personal A-Z of polyamory


For me personally my poly journey has most definitely been the cause of a very unexpected and strong emotional reaction

Other Contenders: Astonishing, astounding, awesome, assumption


There is nothing more beautiful to behold than seeing love in action. It also sums up how I feel about those that I love and choose to love me

Special Mentions: Bliss, brave, bold, bonded, bound, better

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One of those days

Job hunting time an polyamory

Well so far today I’ve managed to apply for just under fifty new roles. I tend to find that carpet bombing agencies with my curriculum vitae tends to get the ball rolling fairly quickly.

Aside from that I’m just feeling a bit restless, I hate the uncertainty when I’m shifting between clients and the potentially knock on effect it has on those around me that I care about.

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Time apart

Dragonfly and kitten

One of the toughest issues to deal with from my perspective is having time away from both of my partners.

First let me try and put this into perspective based upon how my personal situation and setup works.

I currently split my time between working down upon the south coast of England near my girlfriend and weekends up with wife and kids in the Midlands.

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