New milestone

insecurity will destroy you written on a chalk board

Today is going to be interesting, it’s a new milestone within our relationship. She is off to meet someone she’s been chatting with for a while. Not really a date, just a toe in the water.

Something I’ve learned since make the move into polyamory, you have to let people navigate their own path and try new things.

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I’ve been at my new job for almost three weeks so far, I’ve been more open about my poly nature as and when the questions have been asked by a few of my closer colleagues. All of them to date have accepted it at face value and just continued with the conversation after responses such as “Oh cool” or “I thought you had a wife, how does having a girlfriend as well work?”. At which point I elaborate as required.

I’m sure I’ll run into a negative response at some point in the future, but I guess I’ll just have to cross that bridge as and when it happens.

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Jealousy – Face the facts

Envy versus Jealousy

No matter how good you or your partners think you are at being open and polyamorus there is bound to be a time that you feel jealous.

The key with jealousy is not avoiding or denying it, but dealing with it when it arrives. Don’t ignore it, don’t shut it away in the back of your mind, it will grow.

Talking about jealousy is extremely important because it matters. It will affect everyone in the relationships.

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Bit of a mile stone

Polyamorous mantra

I’ve been a bit wrapped up in real life for the last couple of months and not really been in the mood to write or post much.

However, I did notice today that the blog now has over 300 followers world wide, which is quite amazing – thank you.

It’s not the reason I started this blog or something I set out to achieve, but your support is really appreciated.

So I would like to give something back to you all.

For the month of December, I’d like to reblog posts from anyone of you who cares to share. Just add a comment to this post and a link to blog post you’d like to have rebloged. Please also include a bit about your blog and why you’re here.

I looking forward to sharing your thoughts in the coming month.



Enough love

As a person I hope to be loved as much as I love others, because for me the world can be filled with enough love and happiness for all of us to share if we are good to each other.

However for some inapplicable reason, we can’t easily know what true love and happiness are unless we can first embrace ourselves and accept who we are.

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Why is polyamory so hard?

Polyamory is hard some times

I’ve been struggling to find time to write anything during the last couple of weeks due to pressures at work, being ill and strained relationships.

It’s really hard to explain how time consuming and stressful being polyamorus can be, especially when communication becomes poor due to external pressures of life.

Finding time is probably one, if not the biggest issues and quality time doubly so. I really need to work upon my time management skills a bit more and make sure that I’m paying a reasonable level of relationship rent to all my partners.

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Like most people who have chosen to embrace the poly life style, I believe in open, truthful and honest communication. However, many of us carry around a closet full of secrets.

So should we keep the door to this place closed or open up this proverbial Pandora’s box of dark and hidden secrets?

Secrets are often toxic to relationships and can be the killer blow when the going gets tough. It’s at this point we need to ask ourselves a very important and soul search question “Does my partner or partners  need to know this secret?”

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