Recap to Reinforce

Recap to reinforce

Following an intense session of sharing thoughts and emotions people are often feeling vulnerable and raw, so it’s not usually a good time to go back over the same ground immediately.

However once everyone has had some time to relax and settle down, say a day or so.  Its not a bad idea to suggest and hopefully start a  recap relating to the discussion, this can then become a vehicle for summarising the issues and any related actions or resolutions that’s have been agreed to help moving the issue forward.

Be warned, this doesn’t need to be a full blown rerun of event, more like a summary. So try not to make it seem like going over the same old ground again.

Sometimes the “cooling off” period can help to unearth further information and insights as a direct result of having time to think and reflect.

You can actually use the word recap as a way to remember the step required

  1. Repeat
  2. Explain
  3. Confirm
  4. Agree
  5. Proceed

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