Communication Aftercare

Communication aftercare

Talking open and honestly can be tough and painful at times, especially when sharing something that’s really hurting or you’re on the receiving end of some person home truths.

Even if people are using the best communication skills stuff can still really hurt. So when the dust starts to settle looking after all parties in the dialogue is extremely important.

Both sides probably need reassurance that everything is okay or that it’s going to be okay, because it’s tough to deal with difficult topics, our own emotions and deepest feelings. It’s amazing how much a hug, light kiss or caring touch of loving assurance can mean when someones feeling vulnerable and emotionally raw.

It can also be extremely helpful with easing the passing of the pent-up emotions and feelings that have just been dragged screaming into the light of realisation.

In short be gentle, caring and supportive, because that’s how you’d like to be treated too.

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