Being Brave

Being brave or making that leap of faith

The only thing tougher than accepting ownership of our thoughts and feelings, is sharing them with other people. It takes guts to open up and lay yourself vulnerable to others.

It’s also easy to fall into a habit of trying to second guess another person’s reaction to your thoughts, feelings and actions.

So as a guiding principle if your worried or afraid to share something with a partner, it really mean that you absolutely MUST share it. The chances are that they have already picked up on the fact something is wrong or bothering you, so when you get that feeling of negativity starting to build like a knot inside you, be brave and bring it out into the open.

Also be aware that it’s okay to be vague at first, sometimes we know something is wrong but can’t clearly put it into words. The act of just attempting to put it out there will start off the process of identifying the issue and then taking steps towards open and honest discussion with the aim of resolving it.

It’s also okay to try to explain something and fail, as long is its not dismissed or buried again.

So take the first step, be brave and communicate your thoughts and feelings.

2 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. Honest communication is hard. Opening yourself up, being vulnerable with something without knowing how your partner(s) will react is downright scary at times. But! I also believe their reaction is much worse in our heads. We tend to make up stories when we overthink and it helps to realize and be aware of when you are overthinking or playing worst case scenarios in your head. When it comes to healthy and much-needed communication, we can be our own worst enemies.

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