First poly post of 2018

2018 - happy new year

This is my first poly post for 2018 and I’m really not sure what to write about on this dark, cold and wet morning.

I’m on the train on my way down to London for the week and awaiting the arrival of my breakfast (eggs benedict). I didn’t travel down on Monday due to a threatened strike by the rail union. I suspect the unions and rail companies could do with some lessons in communication based upon what I’ve read about the dispute.

I also believe the level of support that they are getting from the passengers is becoming greatly reduced given the latest excuse over pay rises (personally I thought 3.6% was fairly generous).

I’m wandering off topic and really need to come back to the subject I was originally thinking about, it’s basically about trying not to go straight to the down tools walkout action in any situation and keep the communication going.

Within polyamory, the nuclear option or perceived right of veto is unnecessary and normally easily avoidable by just voicing concerns early as long as the other party is will to take the time to listen.

I accept that sometimes it’s not going to be easy, especially when emotions are running high, but it tends to help avoid drama if the nettle is grasped early.

So remember to talk, keep the dialogue open and become a master of listening without automatically responding. Sometimes people need to vent and that’s okay as long as it’s productive.

So happy new year and keep reading


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