Instructions via text

“You will orgasm easily today. Aroused from your meditation. Shameless. Fearless.”

I read the following post a while back and it really made me smile, I love the effort that went into the message and how good it is at describing a need and desire.

It puts into perspective an important facet of the partners relationship, yet suggest that it goes so much deeper.

Doing anything remotely like this, is actually takes a lot of thought and effort. Tasks can be a very important part of any D/s relationship if it gives something to one or both paties.

If I was marking this piece i would easily award it a A+

It also illustrates the power behind words and good communication

Here are a few ideas I’ve personally used in the past:

  • Lists:  Is a list of tasks that needed to be done normally before bed. I’m told the best thing about lists, is when the list arrive early in the morning
  • Scheduled tasks: When I’m busy with work, I like to provide a task that can be a number of times a day, hourly or event as a specific time
  • Spontaneity: This is something that I really enjoy, tasks like “Go into the loo at work and remove your pants, they are banned for the rest of the day.” 😉

Note: For my American cousins, “pants” = “underwear” in the UK

“Instructions received via text this morning from my Master: “Today you will meditate nude, outdoors, on the cum of your Teacher-the divine fluid that nourishes and sustains you.”

Source: Nourished

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