Haiku – Cuddle

They do love to cuddle

“Sleeping slumbering
Limbs entangled and entwined
Holding close tonight”

3 thoughts on “Haiku – Cuddle

      1. (in the Disney “Mad Hatter’s” voice) “Thay! Maybe we could make it into a snackpile!” Hold on –
        ME: What, Ceannt?
        CEANNT: TK has a follower named onlyaliceinsane.
        SARA: She’s not living with that Mr. Carroll yet, is she?
        ME: (Looks out from the screen at TK and only) See what I hafta put up with here?
        SARA: Put up with THIS!
        ME: Now wait a –
        CEANNT: And put THIS up your –
        ME: Sorry guys, gotta go. Well, somebody’s gotta do it.

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