Haiku – Sunday

Home made Yorkshire pudding

“Crisp golden crunchy spuds
Bloody beef and Yorkshire pudding
Sunday food coma“


Many Loves

I really like this particular piece by Emily, hence my decision to reblog it today.

We had another poly family day out over in Brighton. It was quite wonderful walking along the sea front as a family of three plus two, very fitting considering the nature and reputation of Brighton as the alternative relationship capital of the UK.

We did the pier and messed around on the various rides, taking it in turn to look after the bags and kids.

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Amazing Poly Family

Polyamory and a family

Yesterday was a very good day for me, we had another poly family day out and it was so much fun.

We all spent the day together messing around at a theme park, just having a good time and enjoying each others company.

The kids had a good time too, my youngest seemed to be attached to my girlfriend for most of the day. I’m just so happy how accepting they are.

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