Watering your Submissive

I read the following post a while back and saved it for a rainy day.

It talks about a simple task and the consequences or non-compliance.

The D/s relationship dynamic is always fascinating especially when framed in such a beautiful way.

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The Great Illusion

The Great illusion created by consent

There is sometimes a total misunderstanding about the Top/bottom dynamic within a good sub/Dom relationship that’s easily overlooked by those new to the scene.

Many would be “Tops” enter the scene and assume that by adopting the title of ‘Master’ or ‘Mistress’ they have actually become one and therefore must automatically be honoured and respected by all bottoms, subs and slaves.


The only bottoms likely to buy into this BS, are those with even less knowledge and understanding than our poor delusional wannabe Top.

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My need: His will

“Today has been a frustrating day for my sub wishes. Master…playing with me last night but not taking full advantage of me; I came, but it wasn’t a huge release, just a very small one as…”

I came across this post while just following my reader feed and then looking at related posts from those that had liked it.

I’ve found this to be a great source of new material to read and enjoy.

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Poly what?

Polyamory hearts

Polyamory may have made it into the mainstream media but there are still people that haven’t heard about it.

I always take pleasure in education g people on the subject and hope that all those who embrace polyamorous as a relationship decision help with those that know little of nothing about it.

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