The Danger Of Using STI Risk To Control Others

One of the most critical parts of polyamory is being completely open, honest and truthful about sexual history and activity. A polycule is only as stong as the weakest link, it just takes one person doing something irresponsible to bring the whole world crashing down.

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A to Z of polyamory

A to Z of polyamory

I thought it might be fun to put together by own personal A-Z of polyamory


For me personally my poly journey has most definitely been the cause of a very unexpected and strong emotional reaction

Other Contenders: Astonishing, astounding, awesome, assumption


There is nothing more beautiful to behold than seeing love in action. It also sums up how I feel about those that I love and choose to love me

Special Mentions: Bliss, brave, bold, bonded, bound, better

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What does 2016 hold?

three-cherriesWell 2015 was a bit of a journey of discovery for all of us, so I wonder what 2016 will hold?

Working away from home doesn’t make life easy for any of us, I miss both of my partners as they do me when I’m away.

But I take great solace in the fact that they have each other for support when I’m away – it makes me smile 🙂

At the moment, I’m likely to be away till the middle of the summer but I’m already starting to make plans in my head about what we can do during the precious time we have.

Just so there is no doubt, I love both of you with all my heart and promise to give both of you the support you deserve and need – you are both so, so worth it – you make my heart soar, pulse race and face ache from smiling.

I truly believe in love, truth, trust, honesty and being mindful.

All my love TK