Poly holiday – Last day

View from hotel in Corfu on poly holiday

We’ve all had an amazing time this week in Corfu, I will be posting details of the hotel later on and a review from a poly friendly perspective.

The weather has been stunning, food is great and the views amazing just a shame that it has to end.

I actually lived on the island for about 5 months about 20 years ago. I worked on the beach during the day and in a tavernas in the evening, it was a fantastic experience.

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Captain Theos – BBQ

Captain Theos cruise and beach barbecue - Corfu

We had a wonderful day out today on the Captain Theos BBQ from Corfu. The man is a true showman, host and entertainer, after all he’s been doing it for over 36 years.

He’s engaging, charming, cheeky and quintessential Greek to the core. The commentary was funny and just at the right leave to keep his audience and customers engaged.

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To tag or not to tag

To tag or not to tag on Facebook

Been struggling with something over the last few days and it’s around tagging on Facebook while we are away.

We are openly poly with people we trust but not necessarily everyone. Specifically my mother in-law. We have to date not let her know about what’s going on, on the poly front.

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Time alone to reflect

Time to reflect while having lunch by the pool in Corfu

I’m having one of these rare moments alone during our poly holiday.

Just a bit of time and space to have a little lunch and sink a beer.

I’m generally a very social animal but I do sometimes like the odd moment to myself, so I can reflect on the past, present and potentially future. At the moment it’s all looking really good and I have a contented smile on my face. I’m starting to feel recharged and understand how much I really needed this time away.

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Bad kids on the bus

Bad poly kids on back

We’ve had a fun day out on Wednesday on the back seat of the bus all over Corfu. We hijacked the back seat because it was the only way to all sit together.

It was also a rather cunning way of get around open shows of affection without drawing unnecessary and unwanted attention to ourselves. (Result!)

However I suspect a few of those on the bus may have figured it out and I did notice a couple of either confused or disapproving looks, like we really care…

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