Haiku – Special

Forgiveness from the heart

“Melancholy moment
No clear defined reason why
Miss someone special”


From Poly with Love?

A heart drawn in the sand upon a beach at sunset

I’ve noticed a bit of a disturbing trend and shift in people calling themselves polyamorous, when what they really mean is polysexual.

I’ve also noticed that in several articles that I’ve read recently that there is a playing down or complete removal of the love component from the writers views about polyamory.

So I’m really beginning to wonder what’s actually happening out there, in the ever expanding landscape of ethical non-monogamy and relationship anarchy; Is love now officially a dirty word?

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How Daddy makes me feel

I’ve discovered that there is a massive difference between the title “Daddy” to “Dominant” in a D/s relationship and also between Daddy as a title for a father. I personally had many reservations about this title, but have come to realise it is nothing more than that: a title.

A Daddy Dom is not interested in any acts of pedophilia, incest or any other paraphernalia act associated with children. The title is often unfortunately often misunderstood and associated with that, which is so wrong.

When a baby girl calls her Daddy by title, the feeling is not associated with feelings that she might get when she calls her really father the same title. This is generally the same with any other multi-use word in our language wonderfully confusing language.

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Connections – Special fondness


When ever I come across a blog post that I feel really has something to say or makes me think, I add it to a list for reblogging at a later date.

It’s my way of showing my appreciation of all the time and effort invested in writing the piece by its author.

This particular post is simple and very honest about how love can manifest itself.

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