Back to work again…

Back to work post it note

Life has been somewhat busy for the last few months, I’ve completed a large complex two year project for my last client and moved on to a new client this week.

I’ve been staying with my girlfriends family during the week for the last three months and they’ve been wonderful and accepting, but I have missed my own space. That’s why I’m really happy about just moving into a new flat, which has been a bit of an additional challenge while changing jobs.

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Space to breathe

Space to breathe

Believe it or not but sometimes we all require a bit of alone time every now and then.

I’m inclined to consider this even more critical if you are within a number of ¬†active polyamorus relationships.

It’s often quite hard to explain this to partners without inadvertently generating feelings of rejection or hurt.

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Being child free & Polyamory

Polyamory and a family

I made a decision a long time ago to not have my own children. As a young woman when I have voiced this decision it is generally met by a range of responses “you’ll change your mind”, “it’s different when they are your own”, “you’ll never know true love until to have children” and many more.

I could make a bingo card with all the cliché responses I have heard over the years.

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