Insecurity Kills Relationships

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful

I read the following blog post a while back and filed it under something to reblog in the future.

It makes some good points about the potential impact of personal insecurity and the damage it can cause to a precious relationship.

Add a liberal sprinkling of depression to the mix and you have a perfect toxic cocktail for disaster.

Definitely food for thought and make some soul searching self analysis.

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Insecurity & Depression

insecurity will destroy you written on a chalk board

I read a post a while back when someone was obviously in a bad place and struggling with their own personal insecurities and there manifestation as depression.

They have listed each and numbered them. It had obviously taken a lot of thought, courage and general self analysis to achieve.

I believe that by performing this action they were able to understand themselves a bit more and move forward while confronting their own personal issues.

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Relationship Killers

Narcissism is a relationship killer

Within every relationship there are often subtle and not so subtle signs that it may not work out. The primary one is more often than not narcissism.

The type of people who are very self-focused and place their personal self interests above everything else are best avoided where possible in my experience.

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Polyamory and Depression

Red and white broken heart isolated on white

I’ve personally not truly ever suffered from depression, but I have many friends that do.

Understanding how it feels to suffer from this condition is something that I’ve always struggled with, but I found a really interesting article which seems to explain what it’s like in a way I can understand and appreciate.

The article includes the following;

“There’s a fungus that infects ants. When the ant eats the fungus, it takes over the ant’s brain and body. It makes the ant go to the tallest blade of grass it can find. It makes the ant leave the safety of it’s nest. Leave the security of the other ants. Ignore all desire for food or drink. All that matters is getting to the top of the blade of grass. And then the fungus kills it there. This is depression.”

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