Knowing your own darkness


Quote - Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other peopleI spent many years hiding things about myself that I was either not proud of or thought other people wouldn’t understand.

I’ve found as I’ve grown older, I’ve been able to come to terms with many of these personal issues and that has made me a better, happier and more complete person.

This does therefore begs the question, can you ever really “Know someone?”.

Everyone of us how secrets that we keep for what ever reason. Understanding that sometimes have to share those parts of us with the people we chose to care about is important.

By sharing these secrets we in fact let ourselves free and embrace more of who we are. It can be like a light being switched on or a key turning within a lock.

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The darkest truths

Darkest demons

There is within me an inner darkness, that for many years I chose to lock away and keep hidden.

I now embrace that very darkness that I hid from the world and make it mine. By doing so I am complete, it makes me whole once more.

Finding people who wish to play in that place with me can be hard, but when I find such a person I hold on tight.

I’ve met someone new and their demons seem rather well suited to mine and they make me smile.

I will not make the same mistakes, I will be true to myself and those who chose to care for me.

Welcome to my darkness, I hope you like what you find…