Planning for the future

Planning for the future
Welcome To The Future Green Road Sign with Copy Room Over The Dramatic Clouds and Sky.


I’m having an interesting time right now, I resigned from my current job yesterday and have a new one starting in the middle of November.

One of my romantic relationships has started it’s transition into more of a friendship because I really want to keep that person in my life in some way.

I’m no longer need accommodation in the south east near London, so I’ll also be giving up my flat down there.

The new role is closer to home and ideal for a daily commute so my kids are pumped by the idea of having me home most nights.

I’ve been living away from home during the week for the last 4 years due to work, so I need to work out how to integrate myself back I to 24/7 family life.

All in all, I’ll be able to claim back a lot of time which I can then plough back into other things.

My only issue will be how to retain some of that newly gained time for myself.

I’m hoping that I can reawaken some of my hobbies, that have been put on a back burner for much too long.

So, at face value it all looks very positive. The poly element will still be there in principle, but I have no plans to go out actively seeking anything new until things settle down. I will however bring from it all the useful things I’ve learned about myself and how to treat other people.

I must however maintain my mantra of communication, communication, communication. It’s the key to everything when aligned correctly with truth, honesty, openness and trust.

Wish me luck šŸ˜

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