Lying with silence

Nothing can do more damage or kill a relationship than a lie.

A lie is defined as an intentional false and misleading statement or deception by omission. It can also be seen to include any action or failure to correct a pre-existing misconception.

So many people seem to think that a lie by omission is acceptable, in some way a lesser of two evils, but it’s not.

If you fear what will happen if you reveal the truth, you can bet the effect of uncovering a deliberate omission will be worse.

Sometime we forget a simple detail or fact that’s really important or means a lot and that’s okay, as long as it’s remedied as soon as possible, after all we are only human and can easily make mistakes.

Compounding the accidental omission is a sure fire way of making matters worse.

So please remember that every time someone tells a lie of any form a fairy dies and in my book fairy lives do matter.

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