Love Rich but Time Poor

The never ending rat race


For romantic relationships in general there are three key factors

  • Time
  • Money
  • Love

Two of these factors are finite and one is considered infinite from a polyamorous perspect (Love).

I found myself in a situation where I had two partners that I love very much in different ways and for different reasons.

My life is geographyically split between three key locations spread across the UK

  • Staffordshire
  • London
  • West Sussex

The result is that I spend a lot of time travelling between the various location, which totals around 20 hours each week.

I work in London Monday to Friday which takes up a further 45-50 hrs on a good week.

I normally survive on 6 hours sleep during the week and 7-8 on weekends, which is roughly 45hrs a week

I run my own business which also consumes around 8hrs a week as an average.

So if we then do the maths and add that all up, it’s appropriate 118 hrs a week

Which leaves me with 50hrs a week to spread between time domestic chores, partners (2), family time, children (2) and of course myself. This works out at about 7hrs per commitment.

I suspect by now you can start to see the issue I face, I have by necessity become a master of time management but find myself personally time poor. My personal 7 hours gets used to sumpliment my other commitments, but of course effective at my own expense.

Now here’s the real kicker…

Running at full throttle like this for any length of time starts to take it’s toll and I’ve finally hit the wall, something has to give. I have a few options and subsequent decisions to make.

  1. Give up sleeping
  2. Give up working
  3. Reduce my travelling
  4. Reduce my number of commitments

The subsequent events of the last few weeks have actually made at least one of these decisions for me (option 4).

I’ve also been actively looking for a new job and been finding a lot more positions in the Midlands which will make a major impact on my traveling too.

Not really the result I was looking for but will help ease the pressure.

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