Naked Attraction…

Naked attraction

It was suggested by one of my partners that I should watch the controversial channel 4 dating show “Naked Attraction” because a particular episode in the new season includes a self  confessed “polyamorus couple”, she also warned be that it might make me slightly angry and she was right.

The afore mention Manchester couple, are both 24 and have been together for four years, all seems fine so far…

Then there reason for being on the show becomes clear. They are “looking for another woman to spice things up both in between the sheets and in their relationship in general.”

He is straight and she is of course bisexual. They both claiming to love each other “very much” which is a good start, but the pair are seeking, in their own words “a connection with someone else as well as each other” and of course insist “it’s not just about threesomes.”

They even talk about there lack of success to date in perusing this course of action and perhaps there’s an obvious reason why they haven’t had much luck…

Basically they are self confessed “Unicorn Hunters” and in fact know little or nothing about polyamory or the nature of their transgression even if it’s purely down to naivety.

In short anyone who’s done even limited research in this area and subject is likely to be aware of this massive and blundering social faux pas that they’ve managed to commit on national television.

One of the female partners own statements gives away a little too much, according to her, there simply isn’t room “for two princesses in the relationship.”

I see trouble ahead already, I see rules being laid down to restrict what can and can’t happen, obviously put in place to protect the original and of course primary relationship, what a catch…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against triads, actually quite the opposite. But I am against those trying to set them up from day one and especially as a first exploration of the poly life style.

Personally I’d recommend that they try dating people separately first and perhaps if they’re lucky something might develop, anything else is more than likely going to end in tears.

Unicorn Hunters are at there best a larval form of polyamory and at there worst clueless idiot who are to be avoided.

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