Relationship Micro Management

Relationship Micro Management

It’s been shown within business that micro management is a guaranteed way to lose a companies best and  most talented employee’s, so why employ the same micro management approach to our relationships?

Taking an approach of closely monitoring or trying to control a partners life is always bad, mainly due to the fact that it shows a lack of trust and actively attempts to limit freedom. In the worst cases it can rapidly turn into coercive control behavior.

Ironically micro management is usually a symptom or manifestation of insecurity and anxiety.

It’s not easy to look and find this toxic pattern within your own behaviour, but sometimes a little bit of introspection can be extremely positive and revealing. Once you accept that you’re possibly practicing this within your relationships you can take steps to mitigate it.

Learning to have a little more faith and trust is never a bad thing within any relationship. It’s always best to start with a positive perspective.

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