Polyamory, a flag of convenience

Polyamory flag

I’ve noticed resently that the term polyamory is being used by some parties as a way of trying to make cheating seem okay. In short, this makes me really angry.

Polyamory for me is about being honest and truthful with anyone I wish to engage in a relationship with.

Having an affair/cheating is about lying and deceiving people. It’s about breaking trust and more often than not cause emotional pain and hurt. This sort of behaviour has no place in any relationship in my view and even daring to call it polyamory to make it seem okay is the biggest lie of them all.

Cheating doesn’t build trust or relationships it destroys them. There is never a true justification for cheating, it shows weakness of character,  a general lack of emotional ownership and open contempt for the people the cheater professes to love and care about.

Cheaters often fail to practice safe sex, often because the sexual act is spur of the moment or planning it is too much like taking responsibility for something that they know is wrong.

Recently a friend discovered that there ‘boyfriend’ of almost five years had been cheating the whole time he had in fact been in a relationship before he’d met her and throughout their whole relationship. Everything he’d told her was a lie, including his surname.

So if you think it’s okay to cheat, irrespective of how you define your relationship and call it polyamory think again.

You are a despicable, untrustworthy, lying cheat and cannot be considered polyamorus under any circumstance.

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