Phone Zombies - the apocalypse has arrived

I’m sure I’m not alone in my experience of slow moving people on public transport systems and in my specific  case London underground.

In the past the cause has more often than not been age or physical disability, which are both understandable and obesity which is unfortunately a fact of modern life for many people often due to circumstance.

However, over the last few years I’ve noticed the growth of a new phenomenon, which I’ve named “phombies“ (short for phone zombies).

These poor individuals have been infected with a debilitating disease and a handheld device, they shamble along at a painfully slow pace with their heads down and seemingly oblivious to the world and everyone else around them. They travel in packs and bringing frustration and misery to anyone stuck behind them or directly in their path.

The early morning disorderly shuffling procession of phombies is really quite scary, they are all locked into there own little worlds and aimlessly make their way off packed trains, bumping into each other, ticket barriers, newsstands and the yet uninfected or disease resistant. Occasionally they seem to raise their heads and wake from their technology induced half comas, only to have there eyes seemingly magnetical drawn back to the brightly lite brain eating devices clutched in their hands, as if their very lives depend upon.

There also appears to be varies types, loosely based on the particular style of app that they have become addicted to.

Many of these poor creatures have succumb to one of the many forms of troll infested anti-social media. Others play games filled with sweet promises or fantasy mass slaughters.

Lastly are the streamers of music, movies and boxsets. With volumes turned up so high that the idea of personal headphones becomes positively laughable.

I’m actually sitting on a train right now and I’m writing this on my own device… Wait a minute… Am I too becoming a phombie…


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