A bad Friday

A bad day, not

Normal I like Fridays, but yesterday was definitely an exception.

My 9 year old daughter was knocked of her bike by a car on the way back from school. She escaped with a few scrapes and bruises which was good. I’m so glad we’ve made her wear a fully face downhill style helmet. It saved her chin and face from sliding along the road.

On top of this, I was collected from the station by my wife and we were involved in a car accident. Guy behind was way to close and barreled into the back of our car. Luckily it’s a Mercedes and built like a tank, but he may of succeeded in write both vehicles off and we are both suffering a little bit of delayed whiplash and back pain.

So much for the weekend I guess, three out of four of the family have a minor injuries and don’t really feel like doing anything. I suspect we’ll be writing it off too.

On a brighter note, decisions and actions taken to protect our family have worked, it pays to plan for the unexpected.

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