What is a Male Unicorn – Part 2

Unicorn Hunter's need help

Quite some time back I wrote a post on this subject and it’s actually been one of my most viewed posts ever since. Not a day goes by without it being viewed.

What is a male unicorn?

So what makes this post so special?

Is it the writing style, the subject or something else?

Just by writing this post and adding the link, it’s liable to generate more views.

I guess the real answer is just plain curiosity, by the very definition of the word “unicorn” the subject becomes mystical and special.

I’d personally describe myself as a male unicorn, but not because of my polyamorus nature. I’m just a special person in the eyes of many people I know and that in itself is special.

We all have special people within our lives, so don’t forget to tell them. Let’s all enjoy and celebrate that unicorn feeling and make things better 😊

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