Breaking the ice

Back to work post it note

I have completed the first few months of my new contract and it’s been very different from pretty much anything else I’ve done in the last 20 years.

I’m back in a business suit for the first time in over ten years, which has been a bit of a shock to the system along with really early starts.

I’ve also got new work colleagues and this is where the real fun has started especially when they ask about my family. I’ve decided to be 100% open about my polyamorus lifestyle, because I’m actually very proud of it. It works for me and my family so what’s the issue? But instead of blurting it all out I’m just waiting for suitable enquiring questions to be asked. For example, “so you live away from home during the week, will your family be down sometimes?”, and my response “My girlfriends around sometime during the week and I go back up north to see my wife and kids most weekends”, this is usually followed by a pause…

I haven’t been asked my favourite question yet, which is “How does that work?”, to which my stock reply is “Very well thank you.”

So far three or four people know and they’ve all been fine with it, but I suspect I will eventually come across someone that’s not so accepting.

You tend to find the most surprising responses from people you won’t expect lit from. I haven’t told my boss because I don’t think it really it has any barring upon my ability to perform my role and sometimes it’s better to be selective.

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