To infinite and beyond

Love is infinite

A common belief held by many people is that our capacity as humans for love, intimacy and romantic relationships with other people should be considered as a precious and finite resource.

For those who choose to accept this belief, there will never be enough love to go around and if you give some to one person you must obviously be taking some away from someone else.

This concept is often referred to as the starvation economy model and is pretty much mutually incompatible with the polyamory as an approach to relationships.

A belief in the starvation economy is often started and reinforced when we are children, this is when the need to compete for love, affection and attention is commonly first encountered.

From a polyamorus perspective the capacity to love is only be limited by a person’s ability to give. Love is often described as infinite and our capacity to love is only limited by other truly finite factors such as time. Let’s face it there are only 24 hours in a day and that doesn’t change, it a clearly quantifiable resource.

So if you really wish to embrace a polyamorus life style mode, an important step is throwing out the starvation economy model and resigning it to the scrape heap of self defeating ideas.

To be fully polyamorus, you need to really believe that love is truly infinite and without boundaries.


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