New milestone

insecurity will destroy you written on a chalk board

Today is going to be interesting, it’s a new milestone within our relationship. She is off to meet someone she’s been chatting with for a while. Not really a date, just a toe in the water.

Something I’ve learned since make the move into polyamory, you have to let people navigate their own path and try new things.

Giving over that trust begins by talking about how you feel. More often than not any fears you have only act to identify your own personal insecurities. But the first step is identifying that they exist, accepting them and finally  conquering them. This is where learning about compersion becomes important.

You must dare to let others follow their own path and support them as a caring partner. It is so easy to let jealousy and envy take over just when you least expect it.

So to my girlfriend and her potential new friend, be good to each other. Be open, honest and truthful because these are the corner stones of any relationship.


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