Let the compersion flow

Okay so it's complicated

I must admit I’m have a bit of a tough time at the moment, I’m finding myself to be very time poor again. This always places a strain upon a relationship and perhaps more so with two.

It’s even more difficult right now, because there is one hell of a lot of change going on within each of those relationships.

My wife has a fairly regular additional partner she is seeing and he’s part of the swinging community. This is not something I’m overly comfortable with because of the impact it is starting to have on our relationship. I don’t have a problem with those within the swinging community, but I personal feel there is a clear divide between polyamory and polysexual. For me there has to be a connection and I’m also not very comfortable with the potential risks that it exposes my other partner and me too.

But on the other hand I still need to support her in her decision so she can grow.

I will be making a positive effort to get the compersion flowing again in the next few months, but also take appropriate measures to protect my other relationship.

It’s a tough call I guess but one I need to make based on knowledge and information gathered by open, honest and truthful communication with all parties involved.

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