Balancing Act

Balancing act of life

Trying to achieve and maintain balance within my life has always been a bit of a struggle. A concise decision to accept and full embrace my polyamorus nature has perhaps in many ways helped me appreciate and fully comprehend this most critical struggle.

It’s not easy, far from it. There are so many previously unforeseen demands and requirements being placed upon my time, that I’m generally always right on the edge and close to seeing everything I’ve worked so hard for come tumbling down.

Every day is a struggle, but I will not give up and surrender to entropy.

I will continue to fight for what I want, what I need and what I desire.

I am polyamorus, because I dare to care and have so much love to give. I just sometimes wish I wasn’t quite so time poor, but I will prevail with the support of my partners if my heart is open.

2 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. ” I will prevail with the support of my partners if my heart is open.”

    These words stayed with me because I am in a poly family, he is polyamourous, and I understand how difficult it must be for him to find this balance to keep all of us happy and content.

    May I ask what would be included in the “support of the partners” ? I need to learn hpw to support him and continue being happy myself along with my sisters subs.

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    1. I recommend being direct and asking. Clear communication is normally the key in many situations. I have a tendency to use three simple which I ask of myself and others
      What do I want, what do I need and what do I desire.
      Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised ☺️

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