From Poly with Love?

A heart drawn in the sand upon a beach at sunset

I’ve noticed a bit of a disturbing trend and shift in people calling themselves polyamorous, when what they really mean is polysexual.

I’ve also noticed that in several articles that I’ve read recently that there is a playing down or complete removal of the love component from the writers views about polyamory.

So I’m really beginning to wonder what’s actually happening out there, in the ever expanding landscape of ethical non-monogamy and relationship anarchy; Is love now officially a dirty word?

I’m beginning to wonder if this bright new online dating era has backfired and brought about a quantum shift in our views, to a point where we are starting only to see people as objects rather than as human beings who are capable of being valued and loved or simply hurt and discarded?

If that is the case I want no part of that brave new world or perhaps it’s just a case of people misusing the terminology as they start to explore this potential rich new dating landscape.

Lets face it, ethical non-monogamy is really starting to grow in popularity as an alternative relationship structure which in my view is a good thing. I therefore suppose that polyamory is just one of many subsets of that broader term or maybe I’m just more of an old romantic at heart than I care to admit.

In closing, for me personally an intimate relationship without love and care is not really something I have much interest in or wish to be a part of.

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