I’ve been at my new job for almost three weeks so far, I’ve been more open about my poly nature as and when the questions have been asked by a few of my closer colleagues. All of them to date have accepted it at face value and just continued with the conversation after responses such as “Oh cool” or “I thought you had a wife, how does having a girlfriend as well work?”. At which point I elaborate as required.

I’m sure I’ll run into a negative response at some point in the future, but I guess I’ll just have to cross that bridge as and when it happens.

My policy of always being truthful, honest and open about all aspects of my life seems to be paying off in general, however my stress levels due to work related pressures are some what elevated right now. I always find the first six to eight weeks tough as I find my feet and work out the lay of the land.

Unfortunately one of my partners decided that 7am this morning was a good time to start discussing possible house moves via IM while I was on the train, much to my surprise and annoyance.

The results was a minor rant in return and then realisation that I had totally failed to own my own shit.

So I did the right thing and apologised and then explained how I was feeling. I was rewarded with an apology in return.

Conclusive proof that communication is the key to many relationships problems and especially disputes.

So just for the record, I’m sorry I got mad and angry at you.

You know who your are ☺️

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