Paper heart with sorry written upon it

I had a bit of a revelation earlier this week surround this very simple word “Sorry” and it’s personal meaning for me.

As a word it can be used in so many different ways; to express sadness, sympathy, disappointment, polite refusal and of course an apology.

I hadn’t actually realised how important the usage of this word can be for me in the context of any apology received or given.

For me it recognises that something happened that was wrong, irrespective of the action being intentional or accident.

The person offer the apology is accepting that something has gone wrong and owning their action. They are also signalling the fact that they are wishing to seek forgiveness.

Up until now I’ve never truly realised why an apology without using the word sorry annoys me. I guess it’s because the person in my view is not raking ownership and truly wishing to start the process of seeking forgiveness.

Perhaps this is why the word sorry seems to be the hardest word.

4 thoughts on “Sorry…

  1. Some have the opposite view, that the word ‘sorry’ is a form of social manipulation, coercing the wronged party into forgiving even when the offender may not be truly regretful. I made a conscious choice years ago to use the word ‘sorry’ as little as possible in order to own and acknowledge my own responsibility and express my regrets genuinely when I’ve wronged someone. Just offering another perspective!

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  2. ‘I apologize’ leaves room for the person in the wrong to still assign blame to the person aggrieved. It’s stiff, dispassionate and unnecessarily formal. At least for me, ‘I’m sorry’ allows for vulnerability, overcoming and forgiveness. I’m projecting here– my narcissistic ex never used the word ‘sorry’ and his apology never felt genuine. Happily, things change… 💜

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