In the throes of divorce…a rant

Monster family and divorce

I read the following article a while back and filed it under things to share in the future.

It paints an extremely accurate portrait I imagine, of the emotional rollercoaster which often occurs during a separation or divorce.

Personally I’ve never been there and hope I never have to.

Sometime relationships need to change and that can be in the end of them, but I still believe that good communication can help the process if all parties are honest and most importantly, willing to listen.

Allocation of blame is simple, excepting your own mistakes and flaws is not.

“Divorce is a nightmare. No matter what your circumstance, your situation, it is horrific and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Did the love fade? Was there cheating? Abuse? Neglect?”

Source: In the throes of divorce…a rant

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