Say goodbye to the V word

Ban the vito

Nothing else seems to have quite the same destructive potential as the dreaded ‘V’ word.

It’s the equivalent of a tactical nuke when deployed in a relationship. Just the threat of it can be enough to curb unwanted or undesirable actions and behaviour. But here lies the problem, launching this relationship weapon often blows everything apart. That’s the nature of going nuclear.

So maybe, and this is just a possible suggestion…(so please don’t getting to annoyed about it) we should ban the veto and replace it with something else. Let’s all wave a final goodbye to the V word, no one should really feel the need for veto power if they are safe and secure about their own place in the world and relationships.

I would like to introduce an alternative and more user friendly skill we can all use. This concept is so simple, it’s likely to leave you stunned as to why you hadn’t considered it earlier.

Are you ready for this game changing insight and guidance?


Trust me, it’s totall awesome and you too can have for free.

So exactly how does it works?

Step One

You have to own your own shit. If you can’t accept and own your own personal flaws and insecurities, you are really going to miss out on some potentially life changing self learning and growth opportunities. And guess what, you’ll only have yourself to blame. But you then again you won’t blame yourself because you can’t face up to facts and own your own shit.

Step Two

You need to start talking, write things down, wave flags, send morse code with a torch, it really doesn’t matter what form it takes, there’s no hard and fast rules.  What does really matter, is that you manage to  pick a form of communication that works for you. I also needs to work for your partner(s) and even your partners partners. It needs to happen on a really frequent basis and be performed without making unfounded assumptions about all parties.

Step three

Simply repeat steps one and two. Repeat them so often that it’s second nature.

Is it easy? No, but anything really worth having or doing never is. It does become easier with practice, but is likely to be really hard and almost impossible at moments. There will definitely be times that you wish everyone could just shut the up and leave you alone, these are the most testing moments and have to be worked through.

Communication is a truly wonderful skill and so much better than that veto power trip it ultimately puts you on towards mutual annihilation with people you claim to love.

So make a choice, just say no to the veto and banish it forever.

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