A to Z of polyamory

A to Z of polyamory

I thought it might be fun to put together by own personal A-Z of polyamory


For me personally my poly journey has most definitely been the cause of a very unexpected and strong emotional reaction

Other Contenders: Astonishing, astounding, awesome, assumption


There is nothing more beautiful to behold than seeing love in action. It also sums up how I feel about those that I love and choose to love me

Special Mentions: Bliss, brave, bold, bonded, bound, better


This one was obvious, I’d never come across the word until I started research polyamory. The feeling I now get when someone I care about finds a connection is really cool.

Possibilities: Communication, caring, community, commitment, compassion, cuddle, companionship


Going on your first poly dating is both an exciting and scary feeling, I’ve been very luck with what I’ve found and the way its been greeted by my partners

Alternatives: Daring, delicious, divine, daunting


Polyamory has taught me that it is possible to confirm to a high standard of morality and still find what I want need and desire.

Worthy of mention: Excitement, erotic, emotional


The more I learn, the more I understand myself and the people around me. Humans are by our own nature very social creatures and limiting our closest relationships down to just dyadic structure is not the only option.

Runners up: Fabulous, fun, fortuitous, freedom


I enjoy the company of other people and the feeling that I get when I make a new and meaningful connection.

Contenders: Growth, generous, guidance, gorgeous


Polyamory has brought me to understand and believe that pleasure and happiness are probably the most important goal in my life.

Other feelings: Happiness, heartache, harmony,


I’ve had the chance to break out of the stereotypical relationship structure and claim my own independence of thought and action. It’s a bit like claiming control of my life.

Other possibilities: internalise, insight, intention, intensity


This is something that we all have to confront and deal with at some point within any polyamorus relationship dynamic. Being poly isn’t a magic cure for the green eyed  monsters, but it does forces us to deal with them head-on.

Alternatives: judgemental, justified, joy


For me personally there is a bit of a link between polyamory and kink. I find it hard and nearly impossible to play wit someone that I don’t really have a connect with. I’m a big advocate of the principle of Rack, it’s a part of me and my life.

Alternative considered: Kiss, knowledge, kinbuka bi, knots


Being loved and loving are fundamental parts of any polyamorus relationship. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Worth a mention: Lust, longing, latitude, lifestyle


I discovered a while back that for most of my life I have been what can only be described as a serial monogamist. I don’t regret it, but I have learned that monogamy is not te only option.

Alternatives: Magical, mysterious, metamour


Communication and open discussion is critical to any relationship and more so in connection with any form or ethical non-monogamy. Controling and coercive behaviour has no place in any form of loving relationship.

More ideas: non-monogamy, nature, knowledge, nurture


Being open and honest about how you feel is important but not always easy. However the benefits of such an approach became apparent to me quite rapidly. Being able to tell people what you want, need and desire is very refreshing and rewarding.

Further optiins: Opportunities, obligations, oratory


Discovering a passion is always a wonderful experience and passion is often the corner stone of a romantic relationship. Choice to embrace it and you probably can’t go far wrong

Additional words: Polyamorus, partnerships, parenting


I find myself questioning everything I’ve been told in the past about relationships and how they work. This has also come into play in other areas of my life, such as defining what I’m looking for and what makes me happy. It’s so easy to accept everything we are told blindly with out asking why.

Worthy runners-ups: Questing, quirky, quality


We all desire good, loving, supportive and satisfying relationships. It’s probably one of the most important parts of accepting and understanding our own humanity. Polyamory provides the ability to break the mold and build multiple relationships without fear of hurting others by hiding our true needs.

Further options: Romance, repercussions, responsiblity


No person is truly an island, we all need some help at some point within our live. Having multiple partners provides a network of support and makes life much easier when times are tough. I was really quite surprised by this initially, but wouldn’t have it any other way now.

Food for thought: Seductive, sexy, sensuality


This is probably the most important part of successful polyamory, without it you are doomed to failure from the start. So many relationships fail because one or more parties lacks trust. It is so easy to be negative when things go wrong and this taints the relationship from that point onwards. I prefer to always be positive and constructive until proved otherwise.

Similar or related: Truth, trustworthy, temptation


Instead of the usual negative connotations associated to this word I personally prefer to use it to describe special people within my life. We should all aspire to be unicorns for those around us.

Additional words: Unity, unique, unusual 


We all have weaknesses,  but also have strengths and its how we use them which is important. I personally like helping people and solving problem. This is one of my virtues and I make it available to all those that I care about.

Possibilities: Vice, valiant, values


Understanding what you want and what others want is tough at times, but it’s important if you wish to grow and be a better person. Focusing upon what you want, need and desire is very liberating.

How about these: Wishes, waking up, wicked


I really couldn’t of anything beginning with the letter X, so I went with kisses. Any ideas would be welcome if you can think of something I’ve missed.


Being able to accept change is something I’ve experienced a lot over the last couple of years, I’m proud of the changed I’ve been able to make. I feel like I’ve become a better person by simply saying yes.

Worthy contenders: Yearning, yippee, yesterday


Polyamory is starting to set a new tone for the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of our era. Those who embrace truly are helping an alternative social structure that can bring people together.

Feel free to find more and comment 🙂

9 thoughts on “A to Z of polyamory

  1. Words are power and this was a powerful post. I love seeing how people DEFINE the words they use to describe their feelings. It provides a lot of insight as people may use words a little (or a lot) differently. Thanks so much for sharing.

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