One of those days

Job hunting time an polyamory

Well so far today I’ve managed to apply for just under fifty new roles. I tend to find that carpet bombing agencies with my curriculum vitae tends to get the ball rolling fairly quickly.

Aside from that I’m just feeling a bit restless, I hate the uncertainty when I’m shifting between clients and the potentially knock on effect it has on those around me that I care about.

This will actually be my first client move since discovering and accepting polyamory. So I now have additional consideration to be taken into account as I plan my future, not something I’d really truly considered, but I’m sure I’m well equipped to deal with the challenges ahead.

In fact I have the benefit of support from not just one, but too amazing partners, so it should in fact be easier…

Okay, so that might be wishful thinking but it’d probably actually true. Being supported by more then one partner during a stressful time can actually help spread the load. With such a strong foundation its actually impossible to imagine anything less than a resounding success.

Damn, why did I think of this year’s ago…

So wish me luck, as the hunt for a new client heats up and my current end date looms in the not too distant future.

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