Enough love

As a person I hope to be loved as much as I love others, because for me the world can be filled with enough love and happiness for all of us to share if we are good to each other.

However for some inapplicable reason, we can’t easily know what true love and happiness are unless we can first embrace ourselves and accept who we are.

Last night my wife had a date and it went very well, she is now feeling that swell of new relationship energy building. She’s happy, smiling and generally grinning like a loon, which is good to see.

Personally I am feeling a enormous level of compersion building for me too, I’m enjoying watching her happiness grow.

I hope that her new found friend can see what an open and caring person she is and returns the feeling for her.

I’m looking forward to supporting her as the journey begins and only hope I can be as there for her as she has been there for me when I make mistakes, stumble or just plain get things wrong.

Communication, communication and more communication will be our mantra.

Love is love x

Inspiration and picture – The world is filled with enough love

5 thoughts on “Enough love

  1. Oh man! I usually end my emails with “may all that is good go with you,” but after reading this it’s very clear that good has been with you and is with you. Huzzah!

    But what I wanted to say after my first reading of this is a very curious statement attributed to Jesus is the Gospels. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Even for those who’ve never set foot in a church have likely heard this. However, years ago, I found that it was being “heard” in a very perverse manner, especially among those who claim to be zealously evangelical. Such people give and give and give, whether it be helping the poor and needy or in proselytization; and they wind up being nasty and sullen. I had more than one opportunity to witness people like this and it got me curious. So I asked one woman why she drove herself to the point of burning out. She repeated the above verse. I asked her, “How do you love yourself?” She looked back incredulously, saying, “Wha-what do you mean?” In reply I told her that Jesus did indeed want her to love her neighbors – but as she loved HERSELF. Slowly the light came on in her eyes and she started to giggle. “Oh my, oh my, I’ve been living as if Jesus said to love my neighbor and NOT myself!” Yeah, man.

    This does not entail getting huge mirrors with which to admire yourself. Nor does it mean that you spend your days eating, drinking and loving only the best and that to excess. It means that you understand that you have a right to feel good, and to feel good about yourself. You have the right to be happy. You have the right to rest and to think. Jesus said so! Because, if YOU are happy – if you love yourself – you have so much more to give to those neighbors of yours, whether partners, children, parents, neighbors and on out into the bright world.

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