Divergence from Poly

The Takate Kote or box tie

I’ve decided to take a little break from my normal posts with this one.

As I’m sure most of my regular followers are aware, I’m also into kink and specifically rope bondage, hence my alter ego of Takate Kote.

The particular tie that I take my name from has pretty much always been the main back bone of any classical rope bondage. The ‘Box Tie’ chest harness can in fact can be tied in so many ways and variations. It was actually used like a regional signature in Japan when rope was used to bind and subdue prisoners.

I’m not really sure why I particularly gravitated towards rope, but it speaks to my in a way that no other facet of BDSM does.

Something about the feeling of rope in my hands and being laid upon the skin of my partner. It’s one of the most intoxicating feelings I’ve ever know and positively addictive. There is something special about the connection you build when you play in this form.

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